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Rainbow Housing is a leading real estate company providing comprehensive residential and commercial solutions across various categories. Trustworthy Corporation, quality structure, innovative design and concepts, and strict adherence to delivery schedules and budget estimates are our key values. Hence, we continuously strive to go beyond mere amenities and deliver something that would be a delight for years together.

Our Vision & Mission

At Rainbow Housing, we envision to achieve international standards of excellence in all businesses, with concern for customer satisfaction. We thrive to bring smiles globally, by enhancing lifestyles through passion and innovation.

Our mission is to become the most reputed company in the real estate arena in India and abroad, by achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction, quality and business ethics.


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The company firmly believes in value-for-money and transparent deals. Check out our Best Practices to Improve Construction Site Safety

Green Construction Practices

Rainbow Housing has adopted green construction practices in order to conserve the environment and nature.

Our sustainable building and construction techniques contribute towards a cleaner, greener and healthier environment.

Water Conservation Method

Conserving water is the need of the hour and we strive to contribute by doing more than just water efficient landscaping.

Some of the common practices we implement include rain water harvesting techniques, utilizing recharge pits, creating perforated concrete pavers to prevent water from draining and more.

Low Voltage Operation

Low voltage operations are extremely environment friendly and energy efficient as they consume up to 90% less power.

Rainbow Housing uses PL, CFL, LED lights and timers/sensors in common areas of our projects, to reduce the voltage and power costs.

Sustainable Architecture Planning

Our Architectural planning incorporates designs that aid cross ventilation, and allow maximum natural light. Complented by glazed windows, this reduces energy consumption by 8-10%.

By insulating roofs, reusing debris, making terrace gardens and using thermal barriers, we intend to create sustainable and environment friendly projects.

Energy Efficient Plumbing Fixtures

We encourage the application of CPVC, UPVC, ASTM and other plumbing fittings instead of galvanized iron pipes and fixtures as they’re more eco-friendly.

Energy efficient pumps for the U.G tank, S.T.P, swimming pools and the corresponding plumping fixtures of low flow prove very effective



Designing iconic lifestyles. Building lifelong relationships.


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